Testing Software & Drawing Comics

Creating sense-making contexts through creative visualisation, and combining technical with intrapersonal skills to understand and meet shared goals with enthusiasm!


I love approaching things with a sense of wonder, learning new skills, and playing games/puzzles.


I studied Computer Science at University and pick up languages and tools as and when they solve problems.


I am compelled to communicate visually, to try and make my worldview accessible to others.

Read my comics over on the MOT Dojo:

The Blog


Testers as Consultants

After my journey to build and improve on my skills as a tester led me to join QualityMinds, I was faced with a new and additional challenge: “How do I learn the skills to become an Read more…


What Is Software Testing?

Software Testing is comprised of a great number of things, and resists being narrowly defined. Techniques vary widely and the industry evolves rapidly, so how can we explain what it is exactly? Claire Reckless helps us Read more…